Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Foodie Destination Or Urban Blight?

Food scolds not welcome here.

Blue Light Special?

                  Is this the future of Clark and Birchwood? Okay so appealing to public health falls on deaf ears. How about fast food places on Howard or adjacent being magnets for crime? Will having a Burger King attract a criminal element to the Gateway Mall? The Popeye's at Wilson and Broadway was a crime magnet and so is this one. Are all Popeye's bad? Depends. The Alderman says that fast food is everywhere last time he checked, even in Lincoln Park. Well this isn't Lincoln Park, and fast foods joints there don't give people the heebeejeebees there like they do in Rogers Park like at this Popeyes. Why is there a blue light camera at this Popeye's? Do gangs tend to hang out at fast food joints or more high brow locales? Does the blue light camera there make you feel safer or more ill at ease? It will videotape whatever happens to you atleast for posterity.

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