Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preparation Checklist For Ward 8 Wine & Cheese Bar On Howard.

                The following are the most entertaining negative comments regarding Ward 8 from the Evanston Now news site. It appears that not everyone is happy with the new yuppie hangout on Howard. Some people cannot understand how Howard street could possibly improve. Some see the intervention of Evanston in the revitalization of Howard as the beginning of the United States government inevitable transformation into the former Soviet Union. 
Some hogs at the trough are more equal than others.
Animal Farm book read? Check.
Fischer Price playset allows you to play out the important
scenes from Animal Farm, this set is available on ebay for 26 bucks

Thomas Pain takes government intervention with small local businesses to its logical conclusion
with the following diatribe.....

"I also wish Ward Eight well. I wish all businesses well in Evanston. But that's not the point.
Do you want the "government" to decide which businesses to support and which not to support? What is their "criteria" ?
Do you want the "government" to play the role of real estate developer?
Do you want the "government" to play the role of a bank?
Do you want the "government" to play the role of job creator?
Do you want the "government" to become the former Soviet Union?
People have good intentions, it's just that all the hopes and dreams usually don't materialize from central planners. IMO the government has an important role to play - they should establish the rules and framework to create a thriving and dynamic community. However, in Evanston they've gone too far. That's the point.
My suggestion for Evanston's One Book effort, is that everyone read "Animal Farm."
Good luck Ward Eight. Good luck Evanston."

Unverified Chris says "Wear a bullet proof vest and have your phone predialed to 911...just saying."

Bullet proof vest on? Check.

"Okay honey I think we
are ready to go to Ward 8 now" 

Cell phone pre-dialed to 911? Check.

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