Monday, December 31, 2012

1640 - 42 W Fargo Five Years Later. (One Reason Why Rogers Park Had Great 2012)

2007 from Fargo Observer
December 2012 Chevanston.


               Fargo Woman comments back in 2007 on the blog Fargo Observer "1640-42 W. Fargo: Tracking number 0701061791 This building has been vacant for over two years. ....... This building also has easily accessible front balconies with widows and doors in each of them. In addition to the overgrown foliage, the sidewalk is broken and pitted. I took a nasty fall there just two or three weeks ago. I'm OK, praise God, but someone else might not be so blessed.."

        Fast Forward to 2012 and the building has new owners (Pritzker?) and is being managed by his management company (Rogers Park Vintage Management) and has been completely fixed up this past summer. It indeed was a failed condo conversion that sat empty from 2008 until this year. The back has a brand new porch and people are just now living here. Yes Rogers Park has had a very good 2012 and this is just one specific example of how and why. Keep Voting!


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