Saturday, December 29, 2012

Farcroft By The Lake. Occupancy Spring 2013.



                  As of 12/28/12 its official.  Farcroft will be available for occupancy come Spring 2013. Leasing office is at the Rogers Park Vintage Management office at 1443 w Jarvis. Another reason why Rogers Park had such a great 2012, one of its finest vintage apartment buildings is getting the royal treatment. Actually the Leasing office is on Greenview just south of Jarvis. This would be an awesome place to live, hopefully will post interior shots and some high rise views. Check over here to see the rendering of the Farcroft Lobby. Bonus pictures after the jump break (Read More).

Leasing office at 7361 N. Greenview.

Scaffolding still present but less than before

Our old friends at MindCrusher Tattoos.


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