Monday, December 17, 2012

Tom Mannis' 2016 Election Poster For Sale. And Blogvertising.

            Don't know what to give your loved one for Christmas this year? How about the dream ticket for Paul Ryan? You still remember him right? He was the Vice Presidential candidate that thought Ayn Rand was God. This was found via a link from Chicago News Bench. Galt is a character from Atlas Shrugged and Roark was in Fountainhead. These posters are for sale from about 18 bucks to 47 bucks on the Chicago News Bench site. This is among the most interesting blogs you will ever read. Always good to know what someone else's perspective is. Nice artwork, would be fun to have it hanging on the wall as a great vitriolic conversation starter.

The Chicago News Bench also has been doing some blogvertising on cabs in Chicago. Has anyone seen these around town? He will be running these until mid January 2013. That's what is so interesting about his site, its a break from reality. Rogers Park's weirdest blog of all time, it has to be seen to be believed.

How to seriously increase page views on your blog!


Craig Gernhardt said...

Tom is one of the better graphic artists in the city. And a hell of a conservative writer. Yes, I read the other side, too.

He fooled you. He photoshopped this.

Don't get to down about it, he's even fooled me once or twice..

On a side note, being a kick-ass blogger doesn't pay the bills. On his website he asks for donations just to find a place to sleep at night. Any help would be appreciated, no matter what side of the fence you are politically.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Okay Craig thought so!
That would be one hell of a way to "blogvertise"

Imagine Chevanston or Broken Heart advertising on taxis! That would be alot of money but it would look cool.