Friday, December 14, 2012

Drive thru traffic spilling onto major roads. Dunkin Donuts is a national and local menace! First news report in an ongoing investigation.

Wow, short drive thru huh? One car at drive thru talk box, one car inside parking lot,next car on the sidewalk and then the traffic jam starts.

          This is where Clark and Ashland overlap.Two major north and south thoroughfares converge here. Gigantic reticulated buses have to switch lanes due to the traffic backup so that people can get their donuts and coffee in the morning. Extremely Dangerous!
                  Guest Neighborhood of the Month is Edgewater. The Dunkin Donuts at 6250 N Clark is a menace. All too commonly the drive-thru is completely full and customers insist on blocking the public way to wait so that they can enter and get their donut or coffee. These photos were taken just a few days ago at 8:30 am which is rush hour. People are going to school or commuting to work via public transport, private auto, bicycle, or on foot. All who pass this Dunkin Donuts are affected by its drive thru. Is this future of Sheridan/Broadway/Devon with the new Starbucks drive-thru? Lets hope not. In a world that is shifting towards increased pedestrian and bicycle safety Dunkin Donuts is a reactionary business that is creating more drive-thrus and creating headaches for everyone. Imagine driving or bicycling down the street and someone stops short in front of you because they can't enter the drive thru yet they insist that they must enter! You have to sit there for a few minutes while traffic backs up behind you. Meanwhile you or others try to move over to the other lane possibly getting into an accident, (which did almost happen to yours truly). As a pedestrian walking down the street you have to wind your way in between cars on the sidewalk hoping that someone doesn't rear end a car causing your death. 

Not in line for Dunkin, just driving to work!

              A bizarre concept for a business is ruining traffic both private and public in this part of Chicago, Uptown (5130 N Broadway) and others. These supremely ill conceived and planned businesses and zoning variances have been allowed to blossom. Its only a matter of time before someone dies because some jackass has to block traffic so he or she can get their donut and coffee in the morning. "America runs on Dunkin?", more like America sits in traffic due to congestion caused by Dunkin Donuts. 
Continue reading below for links showing how Dunkin Donuts is affecting the quality of life for people all over the United States.

If you simple google "Dunkin Donuts Drive Thrus" you will see endless discussions about Dunkin Donuts all over the country planning drive thrus, getting drive thrus shot down or shoving them down peoples throats, this is a national epidemic.The links I have listed are the best to read about current Dunkin Donuts drive thru problems.

The most damning link is this one from Boston. The video shows what a living hell this particular Dunkin Donuts has caused this main thoroughfare to become. 

Living in the city we shouldn't have as many parking lots and drive-thrus as we do. It decreases the quality of our lives and its why this blogger chooses to live near public transportation and in an area of the city that thankfully doesnt have too many drive-thrus. Hopefully one day this one will bite the dust (6250 N Clark).

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