Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moon Over Miller.

Miller High Life billboard circa 2070.
                  My grandfather told me long ago about a place named Milwaukee in the faraway land of Wisconsin. The place used to famous for brewing beer and even had a sports team named the Brewers. Miller was the most well known of these beers. Now we are stuck making home brew since World War III back in '39. No one from our tribe has left the land of Illinois since my father made a trip up there looking for food, wasn't able to find any more fuel and had to ditch the old dead head semi.

                Wonder what this beer tasted like? This billboard must date to the 1980's looking at the wear and tear and the last time pasted advertisements were the norm. This reporter is writing this missive up from our underground bunker. (Location won't be disclosed don't want to give away location to rival tribes). Getting the 'net back up last year has been a great distraction from the horrors of modern life. Will check back in later as time allows.

(Where does this forlorn, ragtag, decrepit, disintegrating billboard exist? Keep reading to find out)


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