Sunday, February 10, 2013

EveryBlock's Only Media Mention Multiple Location Of Broken Heart October 2012

"MEDIA MENTION Multiple locations 

Door-to-door panhandler hassles neighbors on Morse

by The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park on October 15, 2012
...his 50's, going door-to-door asking for money for bus fare in the 1800 block of West Morse Avenue.  Apparently this is against the law and warrants multiple 911 calls from the residents of...

BLOGNOTES: Forget bus fare, this guy should stand in the 1400 block of West Morse and would make enough money for a trip to Las Vegas and back. The police allow this activity to happen 24/7 in that block, even when residents call 911. Just ask Gidget."

The Morseland Al Fresco Dining November 2012.

(Was planning on posting this story much later in the year. Had written up discussion of this before the dissolution of Everyblock)

For full discussion please continue reading.

The return of Broken Heart was announced on Everyblock as well by Christine Kreutz.

OCT 16
The Broken Heart Has Returned
by ChristineKreutz

Official stance from Everyblock concerning
the Broken Heart. Also famous poster Mr. Rogers.

         Interesting looking back over the Official Record of Rogers Park aka Everyblock this past year. It would be unthinkable for anyone including Broken Heart,, CTA Tattler, or any news agency worth anything to ignore the community message board of where they live, especially if they live in Rogers Park. 

          This event in October 2012 would be impossible today, but when certain events do happen its just plain dumb not to include the Broken Heart on the site. It becomes its own form of censorship.  It would also be unthinkable for anyone keeping up with current events in Rogers Park to ignore the standard bearer for the community news and opinion, the blog The Broken Heart Of Rogers Park.Rogers Park on Morse has been ruled over by gangs for many years and the shadow is only now being lifted. The fact that Rogers Park had a very tough time is reflected in its longest running blog and blogmaster.

               Yes there are blog posts on the Broken Heart that don't need to be media mentioned , but the "dumb ass trucker" who got stuck on Morse is news. But even Craig being given a ticket for not having his dog on a leash is news. We have to know if this law is being enforced. (whether his dog was on a leash or not we don't know but cops have been known to pick on certain people). Uneven enforcement of laws needs to pointed out as well. 

             If we look at recent stories from we can see that they haven't been ignoring the site. (Gidget story on Morse and the recent Sullivan story involving fights at the school) 


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

The muting on Everyblock and the exclusionary atmosphere was toxic.

It would be artificial not to post this, when people look for archives of Everyblock where will they look?

Because right now there is no archive, this is the danger of a decentralized network run by a giant corporation whose only concern is profit.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Peer Pressure exists on the internet as well. The Broken Heart even though it has been the only blog trying to fight crime is seen as publicly unacceptable.

RP in 1000 words points out businesses and the natural beauty and tried to save the Adelphi and did point out vandalism.

But Broken Heart was the only one that took on the down and dirty Morse drug and crime scene. And many of the posters on Everyblock used to post on the Broken Heart.

If Broken Heart and its blogmaster is a pariah and relating to it the kiss of death than so be it. Living in Rogers Park has not been easy and it was quite tough and we still are out of the woods yet.

So you may disagree with what Craig has done in the past, but he and the alderman have made peace and he has tried to make peace as best he can with everyone else.

Yes sometimes he probably will still post something that will piss someone off. No one is perfect.

If you want to write off Chevanston because they can relate to the Broken Heart than go ahead.

Because we didn't have an Uptown Update, we just don't. And we probably never will. That's why this blog was created, that and Everyblock did censor and plus there was too much to write about to post there. And that site doesn't even exist anymore.

End soapbox speech. ;)

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

oops we are STILL not out of the woods yet.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

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