Friday, February 1, 2013

Loyola Safety Officers Now With Tasers?

               Loyola is thinking about arming its safety officers with tasers"After two years of debating whether or not to begin arming some of its officers with Tasers, Campus Safety will be holding an advisory meeting Wednesday, Feb. 13, to include students, faculty and staff in the discussion." With the rash of Loyola college students getting robbed this may help. According to the Loyola Phoenix Article the decision to carry tasers has been under consideration since one of their officers was hurt in 2010 in a confrontation with two men. Of course this may soon be moot if the taser conceal and carry law passes in Illinois and everyone is packing.

Two degrees above zero.
                The Loyola Phoenix published another piece on tasers this morning. "Loyola would not be the first school in Illinois to arm their Campus Safety officers with Tasers. According to Cunningham, UIC, University of Chicago and St. Xavier, among others, all have Tasers on campus."

                   Some universities have campus safety armed with handguns, such as in Massachusetts or in Marietta, Ohio. The model that seems to be most common is the glock.

You are now entering the "Taser Zone"

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