Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exterior Update Of Farcroft.

Workers pose for history.

               This is an historic time. The Farcroft is ready for occupancy and the finishing touches on the building and the units are being applied right now. Here you can see the back patio with the exterior bike racks. There will be outdoor grills and patio chairs and tables. This alley and street dead end into the lake (non Rogers Parkers may be ignorant of this fact).

Please continue reading for more story and pictures.

Another view of bike racks and back patio.

              Should you be lucky enough to live at the Farcroft this is what Lake Michigan looks like at the end of your alley. Unfortunately those benches there are on private property! But I think sitting there and taking in the view is worth the arrest and trip downtown to the lockup. Below you see the view of the Farcroft from the beach looking back towards shore. And the shot to the right are the stairs leading back up to the Farcroft looking north into Lake Michigan. While taking the shot to the left the freelance photographer's foot fell into the icy waters of the lake. It was very cold but his foot eventually unthawed.

Safety first! Outside the Farcroft loading dock
Chevanston already broke one of its cardinal rules,
tightshot without an establishing shot!

Picture shot for historical purposes. That is a great
old Chicago street light which will probably be
replaced in the near future.

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