Thursday, February 7, 2013

Everyblock Revisited. (Update Everyblock RIP)

                  Chevanston the blog was born out of the censorship that occurred on Everyblock. Talking about vandalism somehow was too controversial for the net at large. If popular opinion shouts down the questioning of vandalism and how it pertains to advertisement of local businesses then where does that leave us? It says that vandalism is okay if it can't be proved and so what if they (Mind Crusher) knowingly distributed said stickers and knew that they were being plastered everywhere. Or even if you go one step further and they were just plain ignorant and didn't care, (which is even worse).

Wow didnt know that Everyblock was in trouble, this was written ignorant of the latest news.

Everyblock is now deceased. This article has now been updated to reflect the fact that Everyblock is dead. 

Please continue reading for the full diatribe.

                  The internet plays favorites just like any place and there is nothing wrong with that. This blog is a lot of fun and will be continue to be written whether it continues to thrive in its obscurity or bask in any popularity. What is hilarious is how mainstream media or money automatically supports itself or anything which is non controversial. We already saw an example of how Everyblock posted an article by NewCity which was regurgitated by Chicago Curbed and then it was posted as another article on Everyblock, now that's double coverage. Or how will miraculously come up with ideas out of the sky and won't attribute them to the blogs that they read. Everyblock automatically media mentionED anyways whatever they write and then of course the posters there ignorant to that fact will post the article again as if they had discovered something.

                    Chevanston was also created because there is no Uptown Update for Rogers Park. On Everyblock everyone WAS trying so hard to play nice and play by the rules so much so that its become extremely boring. That isn't to say that Chevanston wishes to become a "hate blog", but its here to point out problems wouldn't otherwise rise to the surface. There WAS still merit to Everyblock of course because that WAS the default public meeting place for Rogers Park. Holding grudges though is dumb. Artificially withholding media mentions if something important on an alternative blog is posted could be seen as a grudge or indifference or possibly this is just a horribly written blog.

                  Everyblock did media mention the Broken Heart once back in October and has never done so again since. That is a form of censorship, the exclusion of important information. Craig (Broken Heart of Rogers Park) recently posted that ID was missing, well apparently no else cares that ID is missing because there is not a mention of this on Everyblock. There is no problem with the internet playing favorites, but if Everyblock WAS really about every single block it shouldn't discriminate if the blog post is important or well written. Ok, now this writer is off of his soapbox.


S said...

OH NO! What in god's name will you have to bitch about now that Everyblock is gone? Where will YOU be stealing your stories from now? Oh, and by the way, you didn't get kicked off Everyblock for reporting vandalism; you got kicked off for defaming a business. You got kicked off for not disclosing that you called the guy a "pussy" over the phone. Forgot that part, huh?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yeah that important phone call from nearly a year ago. The vandalism persists but that phone call will hurt him until his dying day.

Who knows what was said, it was a neighbor who was fed up with taking down stickers from the neighborhood and was just getting blown off from that business. That's what I would expect if it were my business.

How is pointing out someone's stickers all over a neighborhood defaming a business? Its not like Chevanston went out its way to search this out it was starting to infiltrate the whole neighborhood.

Davey said...

Mr Rogers, you could do more good helping EB users (unworthy as you think they are) find a new venue, preferably not owned by corporate morons this time. You probably know more about getting forums up on the Net than most around here. You may have hated EB, but surely do see the need for something like it?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

This is what we are talking about. The grudge that never ends.

One phone call that is upset with a businesses advertising tactics is not earth shattering stuff. I thought the tattoo fellas were tough guys. I can take criticism. These stickers were all the over the place and are still showing up in Rogers Park.

Is this the most important thing in the world? No, also the hatchet should be buried.

Dear MindCrusher I am sorry for my irate phone call. Your store's stickers were driving me crazy and there seemed to no solution and basically there wasn't except for the community to clean up another business'es stickers.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Davey,
you may be right, Uptown Update is written by the royal "we" and is the will of the community.

I dont hate EB, but they have deemed Chevanston and Broken Heart of Rogers Park to not be something important and therefore they are playing favorites and they aren't
really "Everyblock". They are only "Someblock".

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Chevanston will do just fine without Everyblock. But did not wish EB to necessarily bite the dust.

Life goes on.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Davey,

Wow that would be something to get something like Everyblock up and running for Rogers Park

Rogers Park Facebook will probably fill the void now.

Davey said...

Facebook won't fill the void for many of us. I, for example, hate the joint way beyond your ability to hate EB. Moving the discussion there would be just moving from one sickening corporate leech a new sickening corporate leech. As NBC has taught us once again, those who believe the corporate behemoths care anything about community or responsibility might as well join Scientology or the Flat Earth movement. Now's the time to do this thing right.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Hellhole is a piece of shit and so is this blog. You pussies are pathetic narcissists. Good luck talking to thin air.

Al Iverson said...

PMR - I think you overreacted about how the EB community reacted to the tattoo sticker discussion. It felt to me like you took your toys and went home, and I was saddened to see that happen. Not that I necessarily agreed with the phone call etc., but that is beside the point.

I'm torn regarding the loss of EB overall. It was a good forum to get to know more neighbors.

They had a jerk problem. Some people were mean, would troll, etc. It made it less useful, and it was disappointing to see some people who supposedly did at one point believe in having neighborhood related discussions come back and try to fake people out with pretend posts.

Also, I'm kind of glad I'm not going to be having those neighborhood discussion in front of the public in the future, because at least one of those bozos did stuff like, come and take pictures of us doing positive loitering, then posting a blog post mocking us for trying to do something good. It's disappointing and childish.

Some of those people are taking this moment to gloat about the loss of EB. About how some of us are now forced to meet neighbors in person. Also childish and churlish, considering a lot of us were already pretty good at getting to know our neighbors. EB was a way to extend that and meet even more good people.

So, I'm going to miss that. But frankly, if the loss of EB means I'm not going to meet people who do that kind of trolling or post hateful garbage any more, then that's a good thing. I really won't miss those of you who did that.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Al Iverson,
Well I was just bitter that EB itself allowed public pressure to dictate their content. That was wrong.

Sorry about the "phone call from hell" everyone, wont do it again. :)
That was one hell of a phone call, hopefully someday I can live that down. PHEW!!!!

This blog isnt about getting "even" its about having a voice for Rogers Park and for people to discuss here if they want to and just point out whatever is relevant and interesting. Thanks for posting AI, I have missed conversing with the rest of the community during the exile.

I agree about not missing the negative aspects of EB.

JeffreyLittleton said...

I had a hunch EB was not going to make it. It's too bad because they were different from these blogs, they censored yes but it was also a way to hear from people who don't want to start there own blog.

Things are getting stupid anyway so....big deal.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Will add your blog to my list Jeffrey. Its good to know what you are up to down there in Uptown.

Abrupt endings are always best, because its just like our time here on earth.

Here today and gone tomorrow.