Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How Mistake By The Lake Is Transformed Into Parking Wars

         Or how one story inadvertently turns into a different story, but its still the same story. There is such thing as collating stories in one area for mass consumption, but if you have more than one site doing this, then this is something that is bound to happen. This is extremely confusing but hilarious. Everyblock has to watch what Chicago Curbed is doing, because they didn't do their homework on this media mention. Everyblock  media mentioned New City's article in the morning on Pritzker's parking lot at Sherwin and Sheridan (Mistake by the lake). Then Chicago Curbed decided to do a little blip on the same New City article and put a new title on their media mention (Parking Wars). Then later on Everyblock Rogers Park does a media mention of Chicago Curbed's little blip on the New City article entitled Parking Wars, not realizing that they had already media mentioned the original article Mistake by the Lake. This reminds me of a band called Pop Will Eat Itself. In this case these catchalls for news will eat themselves. How about Chicago Curbed and Everyblock media mentioning some interesting original work or doing some original work of their own?

Someone needs to stop and think about news stories they are posting.
Everyblock and Chicago Curbed are infringing on each others territory
 and its getting boring, weird and funny. 

Posted 1/22/13 at 5 am on Everyblock

MEDIA MENTION Multiple locations 13 HOURS AGO

Checkerboard City: A Mistake by the Lake?

by Newcity on January 22, 2013
...theater, Act One gastropub, Cat’s Cradle bed and breakfast and the Emil Bach House, 7415 North Sheridan, a Prairie-style home by Frank Lloyd Wright, currently undergoing a faithful restoration. As an...

...Bach House visitors and residents at Farcroft by the Lake, a twelve-story tower at 1337 West Fargo, built in 1928, which Tawani is currently renovating into eighty-four upscale rental units. Both...

...foot-long, four-story garage on three parcels of land at the southeast corner of Sheridan and Sherwin. The land is currently occupied by a small surface parking lot, a vacant lot where...

Posted 1/22/13 at 1pm on Chicago Curbed

PARKING WARS  Colonel J.N. Pritzker, billionaire preservationist, bicyclist, and philanthropist, is doing some fine work up in Rogers Park including a tune-up of Wright's Emil Bach House and upgrades to the Mayne Stage Theater. But Pritzker and his investment firm Tawani Enterprises have a questionable plan for a plot at Sheridan & Sherwin, one block from the Bach House. They'd like to erect a 250-space parking garage, and many neighbors are ticked off. The rendering is seductive but the structure is devoid of secondary uses and will only promote driving in an already congested, transit-oriented area. The project would eat a surface lot, patch of green, and a large 90-year-old house. What happens next? Read on for more. [New City, previously]

Posted at 1/22/13 at 5pm on Everyblock

MEDIA MENTION Sheridan & Sherwin 1 HOUR AGO

Parking Wars: Colonel J.N. Pritzker, billionaire preservationist, bicyclist,...

by Curbed Chicago on January 22, 2013
...Pritzker and his investment firm Tawani Enterprises have a questionable plan for a plot at Sheridan & Sherwin, one block from the Bach House. They'd like to erect a 250-space parking...

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