Sunday, January 6, 2013

In The "Know" In RoPo?

           In the know in RoPo. New blog site recently discovered via Google news search of Rogers Park. Decent article on Armilla "They have filled the light, airy, intimate space of 6928 N. Glenwood Ave. with items they have purchased, then fixed, played with, repurposed or upscaled ". Haven't heard upscale used in that manner before but not bad, just not sure about played with, unwanted connotations come to mind. And on Cafe Descartes "With walls adorned by the portraits of renowned philosophers, customers leave CafĂ© DesCartes with a token of wisdom after every visit." new location on Sheridan just north of Devon 

Rogers Park, Illinois circa 2012.
According to "in the know in RoPo" Metropolis
is a great Rogers Park coffee shop.




             This article from RoPo entitled is "Eateries In Rogers Park". However this piece covers restaurants three of  the four not in Rogers Park. Not so bad with Uncommon Ground, because this restaurant is just south of Devon. But the now defunct Bananas Foster and Thai Grill are solidly in Edgewater on Granville. Here is an article discussing coffee shops in Rogers Park, three of the five are in Edgewater. Okay we are being picky here, but one of them is Metropolis on Granville which isn't anywhere close to being in Rogers Park. Being accurate and truthful is important. It is suspect when that kind of reporting is then picked up by Chicago Now which is supposed the big time (See CTA Tattler run by Kevin O'Neil which is the real deal). Editing is important and so is correcting mistakes. How can anyone believe that someone is "in the know in RoPo" if they don't know where "RoPo" is? Everyone makes mistakes, Chevanston included, but if the "big time" like Chicago Now doesn't make sure that its content or the writer's previous content is accurate, what is the point of journalism at all then?

Thai Grill on Granville. A great
Rogers Park eatery?
Edgewater (Artists in Motion) Circa 2013, Granville.



             Recently there was a RoPo article Top 10 Devon Avenue Restaurants. And its written as if all of the restaurants are in Rogers Park. For example, "Argo Georgian Bakery is a Rogers Park gem to both middle easterners and Rogers Park natives simply taking a stroll down Devon." Why have neighborhood names at all if we are going to be so fast and loose with them? At least acknowledge its "West Rogers Park", yes we could get very bogged down and technical in neighborhood specifics, but no need to dumb it down and pass along the ignorance to our readers as well. Argo Georgian Bakery is not a Rogers Park gem, because its not in Rogers Park.

       Editors note - Never been a fan of the Soho type name being applied whenever possible. It is lampooned in this hilarious video about gentrification, "How to gentrify your neighborhood". "Koho" instead of Kensington, Brooklyn is the conventional blog in this video. So yes this blog "in the know in RoPo" literally is cliche. 

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