Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Ho. A Rogers Park Tradition Until 2010.

"Hey, Ho" says the merry and dapper bartender,
as he raises a glass to welcome another patron.

                  The cheerful gent with the mustache, hat and bow tie graced our grand namesake street of Rogers Park for many years. With the old Ho crashing down to the ground we must say a prayer and hold a moment of silence. Because an era has passed in Rogers Park. Some neighbors with baser minds will think of the modern use of this word. But this bar was named and  founded on the jolly attitude expressed by their logo. Ho is an exclamation and an expression of surprise, admiration, triumph. Tis a shame indeed what modern English has done to this fine word. So lets raise a glass to this lovely chap and give him one last toast. (The above photo is cropped from the Literate Barfly's photo of the Ho.)

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