Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Persona Non Grata

For closeup of fire hydrant please continue reading.
Le autocollant du bouche d'incendie.  (Trying to increase pageviews from France.) This sticker reminds me of those missing kid pictures from milk cartons. If there were a 49th ward site like the 8th ward site in Evanston then perhaps a neighbor would write a missive as follows to Joe Moore. "Dear Joe Moore I know this is on the Evanston side of the street but could you call up Ann Rainey and see what she could do about these awful rap stickers all over Howard, especially by the nice 415 w Howard building? Thanks, signed concerned citizen"

                These stickers affect both sides of the street and are on more noticeable surfaces than fire hydrants, like poles and street signs. Currently this man's face adorns the arrow signs as you leave Chicago and head toward Evanston on Sheridan road by the lake. The rap music is about doing drug deals by switching cars "run it back", smoking weed or drinking lots of alcohol "if it was ah fif" (parts of which were filmed in Round The Clock Liquors.) Pretty nihilistic stuff. The videos give insight into the street mentality. 


Dangerously unstable individual said...

I'm appalled that this disgusting rap culture just stays ugly and hateful. Whatever happened to joyful music that celebrated the beauty in life? This is a big part of America's problems that our youth glamorize everything that's ugly in the world.
Couldn't we have this guy fined since we know what he looks like?

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@DUI seems like this guy should be responsible for either taking these stickers down or being fined.

I agree, can you imagine his excuse?Yeah I don't know some weirdo is posting stickers of my face all over town and I had no idea he or she was doing it, honestly. Its just bizarre that someone would do this.

Posting your face all over town is strange behavior indeed. Better ways to self promote.