Thursday, January 17, 2013

Joe Moore Of The Fighting 49th - Facebook Page.

Carefree, pre-internet Joe Moore.



                          Joe Moore, the Alderman of our ward has full functioning Facebook Page as of today.He states his position is that of government official and that he represents "residents of Rogers Park and a sliver of West Ridge." Picture to follow tomorrow or the next day. He joined Facebook 10/30/2009, but no activity on the main page until today. Looks like the photo portion was set up the summer of last year, but the main page with information was not set up and running until today. Only two thousand likes, that is sure to go up this year. Interesting to see this change. Facebook started out just as a site for personal profiles and now has become a source of news, home bases for organizations, blogs, everything. Its as if everyone has to be on Facebook to stay relevant. Will be interesting to see how long this trend lasts. If this writer recalls correctly Uptown Update got their Facebook page going in 2010.

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