Sunday, January 27, 2013

Signs Of Life @ 7303 and 7247 N Damen.


      Red X's on buildings can be a successful impetus to get owners to make improvements. Especially if neighboring buildings with the same red x's are knocked down (7312-18 N Rogers). Taking photos yesterday the same kid asked me why I was taking photos. Understandable that the owners are ill at ease. Neat two tone van was parked at the same spot each day. This is really a cool part of Rogers Park, having something to do or shop at would make it that much more interesting. 7303 N Damen was recently upgraded and in the past ten days the north part of 7247 N Damen has been following suit. 7303 N Damen has nice handsome black trim and new windows and doors. No sign there that anyone is looking to lease it out yet. Someone etched "SWINE" into the black trim. This is a fairly common response when something is improved, and the S many times is a dollar sign. No good deed goes unpunished. These properties are up for sale as advertised on the former drug store and current bodega at the corner. Please continue reading to see this for sale sign up close.


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