Sunday, January 13, 2013

J-Bees On Howard.

              J-Bees seems to be the best shoe/clothing store on Howard at the moment. They carry G-star, True Religion , Lacoste, Levis etc. There is an armed guard (hand-gun) sitting down watching the door. You must be buzzed in to enter. No picture taking is allowed as it is a corporate store (seems kind of a dumb rule). This is actually an international store as they have a store in London. Most of the stores are around Chicago and in Michigan, also Milwaukee, Texas, Kentucky, Los Angeles. Rap was playing in the store, but it wasn't offensive and the same song was playing in a passing car, so it was the radio (WGCI?).There was a decent Levi's t-shirt that this writer thought about buying. Decent jeans, shirts, hats, etc. Shoes not exactly this writer's style but okay selection. This store was fixing itself up earlier this year and erroneously Chevanston thought it was Athlete's Foot moving down the street. Just as Pac-Sun is a decent generic surf clothing shop, so is J-Bees a decent generic "urban wear" shop. 

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