Monday, January 28, 2013

Shai Town Realty.


               A memorable name and what better logo than the city skyline?  (The cab above was parked on Glenwood east just north of Morse.)  Researching their site, they do have a commercial listing here in Rogers Park at Morse and Clark.          

 . The side of this commercial building also serves as a great place for advertising which is easy on the eye. Hard to get a great photograph however because of the light fixture of the parking lot in the way. They just covered up the old Harold's Chicken sign with the new taqueria sign, the old sign that used to hang over the sidewalk has been removed

                Prime location as its in between the Morse L stop and the Rogers Park Metra station. The listing states that the building was built in 1945 has two units above and one below. Its a long and narrow lot, decent wooden porch in the back. The garage isn't in the best shape, a tear down. (Better advertising scheme than a fake neighbor news post on Everyblock) There are so many properties either vacant or for sale on Clark and Clark adjacent. A huge transition in the make up of Clark in the next ten years is evident. The ask is $579,000.

6952 N Clark (HDR picasa makes everything look gritty& sharp)

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