Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jarvis Coin Laundry Now With Wi-Fi.

               October 2012 (confirmed by speaking with management) Jarvis Coin Laundry added wi-fi. Sudz Laundry @ 1425 w. Morse also has free wi-fi. So if the coffee shop is packed and your internet goes down, take your laundry over to Jarvis Coin Laundry and fire up your laptop. This addition to the laudromat was overlooked due to many other pressing issues, like the closing of the Jarvis L and the surrounding construction, graffiti concerns, sticker blight, restoring fire hydrants, etc. Also there is usually someone loitering at that corner, one man who stands there lives at a nearby nursing home on Fargo. He is always panhandling for change, leading passerby to just avoid this side of the street.

              While researching wifi in laundromats this writer came across a bizarre blog entitled Wow Chicago Huh?, not a very enlighting blog post, but weird. Anyways wi-fi is the modern equivalent to air conditioning or color tv, pretty soon it will be an odd thing to even advertise. Nowadays having wi-fi is simply expected at any reputable coffee shop. This writer remembers in 2002 the first time wi-fi came out. It was like magic, wow you can just access the internet without a wire going directly into your computer. You can just sit there outside drinking a coffee and type away and check your email? Now when wi-fi is added to the local laundromat we hardly notice.


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Would be nice if Mor-Way laundrymat got some wifi too.

Anonymous said...

I know that a lot of people use and need a laundry there, but I'd still rather have the Seven Eleven that previously used that space. I like Slurpees!

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Seven Elevens are okay, I can say that when I lived by the one on Pratt that I hardly ever went there. Laundromats will probably always be needed. Maybe they should serve coffee and get a slurpee machine and have a little area for people to do their computer work.