Monday, January 14, 2013

The Mean Streets Of Chevanston.


               This is by far the coolest view of the 415 w Howard building that the freelance photographer for Chevanston has taken so far. It was definitely worth the investment to hire him on. This is looking north from just west of the firehouse now for sale on Greenleaf and looking north. While the photographer was investigating the city owned fire station he fired off a bunch of extra shots. Instead of leaving them on the cutting room floor we decided to print them. The lone figure in the distance looks to be a man that has been through a lot but still he trudges on fulfill to his destiny. He marches forward, perhaps to meet with his young protege at the amateur boxing arena to coach him on to victory. Go beyond the jump break if you wish to see this photo after it was blown up,sharpened and HDR applied

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