Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WBEZ - Refugees Resettling On North Side.

WBEZ focuses on Uptown, Rogers Park, West Ridge, Albany Park and Edgewater neighborhoods as places that refugees have been relocating. Personally this writer has witnessed this in Uptown as the North Shore Baptist Church has been hosting newcomers from Burma.

Rogers Park - one of the north side neighborhoods that
refugees are now calling home


Benji said...

You are scooping me left and right these days but I like how you are doing it. These aren't stories that sell in my publication but I am glad someone like you is writing them. Keep it up. This is good stuff.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks "Benji" ;)

There is no way any site could cover everything about an area, whether it be Everyblock, Broken heart, Uptown Update, or

Its impossible.

I think Craig gets up upset and so do other bloggers if their hard work is simply looked and further investigated by without being given any credit. But is owned by a billionaire and is corporate, just like any other big paper, they can do what they please, and it is a cutthroat world.

Its not like B. Woodard has a say in it, pretty sure he's not able to give Broken Heart credit even if he wanted to, because its not his paper.