Monday, January 14, 2013

Somber Woman Contemplates Her Future.

Is that legal to have the  front door
locked from the outside?

"Why is this man taking my picture?
Who cares? I am filled with such ennui."

         The squirrel scurries up the side of the vine encrusted old jumbo brick four flat on Sheridan oblivious to the inner turmoil of the downcast watcher below. This very pale and gloomy woman stares unblinking upon the grey overcast day mulling her present options. "Should I take a shower and go for a run or should I just read a book?" She thinks in her bathrobe. She can't even bring herself to get dressed to walk down the street for her morning cup of coffee. A passerby sees me taking photos and remarks "Its creepy, she's been sitting like that for months" Is she trapped? Or is she just hopelessly depressed? It is quite odd that she sits unmoving for hours at a time by a doorway locked from the outside. At press time the woman was still reported to be sitting with her legs splayed staring out the window but had finally taken a shower.

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Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Has anyone else walked by this doorway?