Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morse L CTA Retail Now For Lease.



Construction trouble lights still line the ceiling. Scaffolding and work clothes left behind are evidence that interior cement work is wrapping up at these two commercial spaces now for rent on Morse. This particular space is right next to the podiatrist's office on the south side of Morse. Inside we can see the top of the old radiator on the right hand side, (in total this space has four radiators). The retail space at the corner of east Glenwood and Morse is for lease as well. Workmen recently installed black iron fencing in the alcoves at the Morse and Jarvis stations. It has been many years since these spaces have seen tenants, great to see the city reinvesting in the L, the backbone for transportation and commerce for Chicago. already posted pics of spaces ready for lease in Edgewater, and here is the link regarding the spaces for rent by the Morse L station. For more pictures of the adjacent retail space please continue reading. 

Interior of space located at Morse & East Glenwood.

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