Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Firehouse For Sale On Greenleaf.

That tree's lack of bark at its base leads this reporter
to believe that its not in good health

              This was to be the home of the Rogers Park/West Ridge historical society back in 2009, but with the downturn in the economy the city of Chicago revoked their offer a year later as reported here by Ward 49. The address is 1721 w Greenleaf Ave. Too bad it couldn't have been the permanent home for the historical society, but the current location on Morse is doing wonders for its visibility and in making the street more interesting. According to rpwrhs.org the building was built in 1915 and was one of the first firehouses built without a horse stable. The second story was added on in 1940 to allow larger modern firetrucks to fit inside. The original firehouse was located just around the corner at 7077 N Clark.

Important bonus feature when
you need to make
 public announcements

                   A more sensational and blistering title for this blog entry could've been "DTZ uses Everyblock for shameless self promotion with fake neighbor news post". It was the poster's first post and he/she sounded much more knowledgeable than the average happy go lucky Everyblocker concerning real estate. They also posted a listing which is not available on multiple listings or via exhaustive internet search. (It is possible that the listing agent emailed it to him though) What is also strange is that the same poster would then say they are  interested in the property later on in the same thread. If you are seriously interested in a property you would never post the listing onto Everyblock for fear that someone may outbid you.

              DTZ is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates throughout the world giving real estate advice. The Wikipedia page on DTZ states that it appears to be written as an advertisement.  DTZ is moving into listing real estate here in Chicago fairly recently. ChicagoRealEstateDaily.com  reports that in November 2012 David Montross the CEO left Chicago based Equis operations which usually signals a change in the direction of a company (like the name to DTZ). This real estate company has changed its names several times, each of them just as nondescript as the one before. From Equis to UGL Equis to UGL services then to DTZ. Very dry stuff.

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Kelli M said...

It'd be so darn awesome to own a firehouse and make into a single family home. Plus the bullhorn is a total bonus for yelling at people littering, or not picking up after their dog, etc.