Monday, January 7, 2013

Town House Restaurant @ Sheridan and Morse.

     This matchbook is for sale on Ebay right now for four bucks and seventy four cents. The listing states that this matchbook dates back to the fifties. HO was the old prefix for this part of Rogers Park. Is that where the now defunct HO bar in Rogers Park got its name? Certainly is possible. Forgotten Chicago has a nice article about the old prefixes. Its possible that HO is short for Howard, which is on the recommended abbreviation names list for Ma Bell. But further research and discovery of another matchbook cover for sale on Ebay reveals that it was short for HollyCourt. So the phone number was Hollycourt 6800. Also looking at the address (6935 N Sheridan) we see that this restaurant and cocktail lounge stood at the site of what is now Leonas.

 Open hearth steaks? Looks like this was a trendy restaurant phase from the fifties and sixties.The closest restaurant in America still billed as an open hearth steak house in Fayetteville, North Carolina (Chris' Open Hearth Steakhouse). "This establishment was built as a barbecue lodge in 1952 in Highland Village, Fayetteville's first shopping center. In 1958, with the addition of the open hearth and beautiful copper hood, it became a steak house." There is another open hearth steak house (since 1959) in South Carolina, named the Open Hearth.The photo of the open hearth below is from a trip to France.

             Rogers Park Renaissance - Page 2 - Chicago Tribune › Featured Articles › Parking SpacesShareDecember 04, 1988|By Elizabeth Hopp-Peters. ... We moved back to Rogers Park because it has black and white, rich and poor. ... an offshoot of the popular Leona`s restaurant at 3215 N. Sheffield Ave.; Return Engagement gift shop at 6970... spaces-revitalization-north-shore/2

Looks like the current restaurant there Leona's moved in sometime in the late eighties. 

Ebay Auction item.  for 3.49

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