Saturday, January 26, 2013

Starbucks @ Broadway & Devon - Update.

Rendering courtesy of Starbucks to open this coming summer 2013.

               Just released via mass media, an updated rendering of the new Starbucks at the previous Maxwell hotdog stand. The driveway is quite long, hopefully long enough so that traffic doesn't back up onto Broadway unlike the Dunkin Donuts on Clark south of Devon. Signage indicating that you just entered Edgewater (leaving the confines of Rogers Park) would be posted as well.  Starbucks has a store made out of container boxes already on the west coast in Seattle (Tukwila suburb) in 2011.

            From the DNAinfo article "The Starbucks would also have a walk-up window and outdoor seating in winter months." Hopefully this was an error, because outdoor seating in the winter months would be unpopular with the local populace and not likely to draw many takers. This would also present a public health safety hazard, promoting sitting outdoors in the bitter cold. Perhaps the outdoor seating would have heat lamps or seat warmers like in fancy import cars however. Glad that there is a walk up window however.

Update 1/26/13 11am - However cool and innovative heated seats and and overhanging heat lamps would be it is indeed an error and's article has been amended. No outdoor seating in winter months folks. 


Benjamin Woodard said...

That's an error. Sorry. In SUMMER months expect to see outdoor seating. I've filed a correction so it should be changed soon.

Thanks for pointing it out.

-Ben W.,

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Okay cool, Thanks Ben, I can minimize that in the title ;)

I figured that was an oversight. Happens to me all the time, Im sure its more intense when your readership is much bigger, which it is at

Benjamin Woodard said...

No worries at all. On a Friday afternoon, these errors slip through without much resistance at all.

I'll be recharged by Monday. :)

Thanks for blogging. I enjoy your stuff.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks Ben, glad you like the blog.

Even billionaires like J. Pritzker can make mistakes as Craig recently pointed out.(Great story on Craig's bicycle delivery service by the way)

To err is human.