Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Emil Bach House Restoration (Part One)

            Restoration of the Emil Bach house @7415 N Sheridan began in earnest the Spring of 2011 according to various news reports. Colonel James Pritzker is sparing no expense to make sure that the house is brought back to Wright's original vision. This famous house was built in 1915 for Emil Bach of the Bach Brick Company. Emil Bach was only inspired to have this house built after having visited his brother's Wright designed house at 7631 N. Sheridan known as the Oscar Steffens House which was demolished in 1963. Please visit the Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society here for the whole story. 

                Col. James Pritzker is reported to have bought it in 2010 for 1.7 million. The previous owner who worked for Tawani Enterprises and had bought it for 1.17 million in 2005. Tawani enterprises is a company that manages Pritzker's properties and is listed as the owner of the property on the current building permit. This restoration includes making sure that the paint color is the original shade, finding the original companies who manufactured tiles and other materials needed to restore the residence. The Chicago Tribune in 2011 mentioned that there would be a blog documenting the restoration, no such blog has been discovered to date  however. Once rehab is finished it will be available to rent out for events and overnight guests. This blog has the most and highest quality interior and exterior shots of the house from the Chicago Architecture Foundation open house in October 2011.      


Building Permit of 7415 N Sheridan was issued 9/28/12.

Permit number 100440331
Work to be done - Exterior (roof, chimney & window replacement, stucco and wood lathe to be replaced with new; concrete patching, porch & balcony repairs & interior (HVAC, plumbing related to geothermal system) Rehab to sfr - install all geothermal system.

Owner - Tawani Enterprises.
Contractor - Cordos Development & Associate
10 w Hubbard Street Chicago, Il

Proof that Michael Bilandic was Mayor!

Not everyday a FLW house
is boarded up and getting a total rehab.

           The plaque outside of the house reads verbatim " Chicago Landmark Emil Bach House Frank Lloyd Wright, architect 1915 One of the last of Wright's small urban houses, the Bach House combines elements of the Prairie style with a compact plan well suited for an interior lot. The inward orientation of the house ensures the privacy of its residents and reflects Wright's idea of the importance of family life. Designated a Chicago Landmark on September 28, 1977 by the City Council of Chicago. Michael A. Bilandic, Mayor Commission on Chicago Historical and Architectural Landmarks "


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Loyola Playmate said...

Rehabs are fun. I just did a rehab too. My old face was so boring so I rehabbed it. It is so much fun at my stupid desk job now. We all laugh and giggle and even Gernny likes it too.

Stanley Katakowski said...

It looks like they did a nice job. Is it a private residence for one of the Pritzkers?