Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Emergency Fire Board Up @ Farewell & Greenview.

               A lot of damage evident here. Doors & windows busted, smoke & fire damage, the Dog On Duty gate off its hinges.  In the lead story from yesterday two people in West Ridge were pronounced dead from carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty boiler. And now this fire started from faulty wiring exacerbated by a probable gas leak. Geothermal heating is looking better and better everyday. Thankfully everyone is safe, including the dog.

              Please continue reading to see a close up of A Emergency Fire Board Up's Insignia and of their company van. In the old days we used to use the phone book or yellow pages (some people still do) to look up services and businesses we needed. Many companies vied for first spot in their various sections by adding an A in front their name or in this case A is the name. For example, A Lamp & Fixture Shoppe at 3181 N Elston. 


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