Friday, January 25, 2013

We're On A Road To Nowhere - The Stub.

             This funny outcropping can also be given the monicker the watchtower or the lookout. Yes this is the most odd, awkward part of the Gateway Mall at Howard and Paulina. As others have surmised, this truncated catwalk looks to have been a bridge to the Howard L never completed. Cars, pedestrians, buses etc pass by it and under it everyday, some never questioning the bizarre nature of this canopy. Its a great vantage point to view downtown Chevanston but doesn't serve much of a purpose otherwise. The other part of the catwalk links up the Gateway mall and the parking garage's second floor. This second floor may be accessed either by auto, stairs or by the urinevator. The urinevator being the least savory option. This was brought up by regular poster Davey back on January 19th on Everyblock. 


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Yes this title was inspired by the great song by Talking Heads. If you havent heard this song before stop whatever you are doing and listen to it on Youtube, fits perfectly with this silly stub.

Davey said...

So I take it you still can't get to the L from the second floor of the parking garage? (except by going downstairs first). If so, this whole walkway thing is ridiculous. The original intention is obvious, but the alderman and the CTA refuse to tell us what the hell happened.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

@ Davey, no you can't get to the L from the parking garage.

I still like the Gateway Mall but it has some rather strange features.