Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Scarlet Letter.

In small letters on the bottom right
it says City of Chicago.
1-9-13 This establishment is X-Rated.

         When a building owner behaves very badly & the building is deemed too dangerous for anyone to enter under any circumstances (except to save someone's life) the city of Chicago places a red letter X on the property. This shames the property owner and also lets firefighters know, don't bother, just let it burn.  The Chicago Tribune wrote a great article concerning this new sign back in June of last year. The city is trying to prevent tragedies like the one in 2010 where two firefighters died when a roof collapsed on them while investigating a fire in an old warehouse. The measure makes sure that no one (including the owner) can enter the building without the fire commissioner's permission.

        This particular building (above) used to be the Ho Tavern. It is endless fun to think up all sort of taglines for stories regarding this former bar. When this writer was taking pictures a concerned young man of Middle-Eastern or Eastern European descent was asking me a lot of questions about what the X meant and whether they were going to tear the buildings down. He was surprised and upset when he was given the answer. Apparently he was a family member of one of the owners.

Vandals like to pick on buildings destined for demolition. (This one is safe for now)

Writer/Producer - Chester Chevington of Chevanston Industries Copyright 2013.

Update - Joe Moore this morning issued a statement that 7312,7314,7318 N Rogers have orders for demolition from the city of Chicago.

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