Monday, January 7, 2013

Chicago Flats North Of Howard 7722 N. Ashland


           DNAinfo's forensic team took a break from crime scene detail to spotlight a major new player in the real estate scene on the northside of Chicago. Chicago Flats has been written up by Uptown Update and Rogers Park Builders Group already. This real estate company has been making a major impact on the Uptown, Edgewater neighborhoods and we are pleased to see them in the most dangerous part of Rogers Park, the notorious North of Howard. "The seven Far North Side buildings — four in Uptown, two in Edgewater and one in Rogers Park — were formerly in varying stages of disrepair and mismanagement." What makes these neighborhoods dangerous and magnets for crime are these very large, rundown apartment buildings. Chicago Flats is providing an excellent public service to Chicago by rehabbing these troubled buildings & at the same time ensuring that they are no longer havens for vice.

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peeking inside the gate.
peeking inside the gate again. 

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