Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Abandoned Al Fresco Cafe @ Gateway Mall.

Plenty of space, why no other tables? 
Cozy corner with seating for six. 


          Unnamed cafe sits quiet and unpatroned. It looks like the business owners just abandoned it. The ambiance is that of a warehouse loading dock. The green lattice ceiling allows natural diffuse light from above, this is augmented by the glow from two fluorescent lights. Large ventilation ducts provide heat during the winter and a nice breeze on hot days. Would be nice if the owners of the mall found a new tenant to take over the lease and get a good cafe or restaurant in here. For a better perspective on where this is located, continue reading below.

This potential cafe space is located on Paulina just south of Howard on the west side of the street.

(In case the customers get out of line, the cafe doubles as a holding cell.) 

Great potential for outdoor restaurant/cafe is going to waste. Atleast a Starbucks would work here. 

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