Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Roger's Pantry For Sale & Future Uncertain

1930 W. Chase

              Has this place sold? It looks more lonely and desolate than usual and the previous listing for this can't be found. is now a dead link.   Bill Morton gave it one star back in 2007 on Yelp and it hasn't done anything to earn more than that in the intervening time. The parking lot has caved in @ places and those two derelict cars have sat there for some time.

Update 2/22/13 - ChitownAirdale gave Chevanston the current listing 645 K asking price.

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Stanley Katakowski said...

It'd be great to see this building go off to pasture. ANY dang thing would be better than that old cesspool.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I remember the date this minimall was built was sometime in the 40s or 50s, what building was there before?

This was probably a lively commercial hub at some point. But for a long time this area has languished due to the commercial properties here being neglected.

Davey said...

If it is sold, I hope someone starts something from scratch. This place not only rarely cleared it sidewalk, it pushed mounds of snow from its parking space ONTO the sidewalk. That, along with its generally broken or too-warm refrigeration, smell of cheap cleaner, and rotting produce made it off-limits even though it would have been convenient for me.

The corner was probably viable many ears ago. There was that big Chinese restaurant where the townhouses are now and a Hungarian joint east of the stop-and-rob that's there now.

The corner still has promise if some smart redeveloper would buy the whole deteriorated corner and do something new with it. There's a market there for local businesses.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Kind of a weird corner to do a development but I doubt anyone in their god darned right minds would attempt to revive that little shack. Probably a condo with some dang retail on the bottom. But we's gotta support the businesses that go in or its all for sh@t.

Helen said...

Mr. Rogers, are you sure about that dating? I have a vague recollection of a gas station on that site, but I didn't get here until 1960 except for a little fun on Howard St. earlier. It's possible I've just misplaced that gas station, though.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

You are probably right Helen, that it was previously a gas station. But that little store was probably the store that went with it. It looks like it couldve been one of those old fashioned small gas stations.

Wish I had copied the info for this property, can't find it listed anywhere now. I remember it being about 600K or 550k, which maybe was a good price for it

ChiTownAiredale said...

Asking price, $645,000:

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Thanks ChitownAirdale,
I will update the post to reflect this information.