Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. Loyola Student Dispatch

Street Art @ Loyola Red Line

            Loyola Student Dispatch is starting to look better already. The format looks better and a lot of the borrowed photos are gone and those left have photo credits. Constructive criticism is a good thing, Chevanston had a run in with copyright infringement and researched the heck out of it and overhauled the site afterwards. It was a lot of work but also fun and its still not done yet. The newest article from the Loyola Student Dispatch is original news pertaining to Loyola. Best to leave the retweeting of news to average citizens, an odd practice, but better than a University run site doing it.  

More story and pictures after the jumpbreak.    

               Even if you are using a photo that doesn't exactly match what you are discussing it looks a lot better than using someone else's. This writer learned this by following Chicago Curbed (and following Benjamin Woodard's site DNAinfo.com and seeing his photos). Because they post a lot of links to stories and above it they use a random Flickr picture from Chicago which is credited. The internet is about self expression and setting yourself apart. Not just copying and pasting. (Which isn't bad to do for a little while just for practice but writing up original material and an opinion about your subject with an original related picture will make for a much more interesting story.)

                  Having the screenshot of the Old Loyola Student Dispatch is good for historical purposes to refer to. Just as some of the copying and pasting (in hindsight this wasn't the best policy but its just about all we have left of the old site now) Chevanston did of Everyblock. Because Everyblock is no more.

Photo Credit - Chevanston. Loyola Stop Redline circa Jan 2013. 

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