Friday, February 15, 2013

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? On Twitter feed at 2/14/13 9:40pm CST

             What is the purpose of the Rogers Park Twitter Feed? Is this a place to discuss personal matters? A family member having an illness is a horrible thing to deal with. Is that something that should be tweeted on the same news feed where Rogers Parkers' get their news? Imagine if Joe Moore the Alderman tweeted "Hey my family member is sick with this disease in the hospital". That would be inappropriate. Did this person clear it with the family member about tweeting this private information? Is someone monitoring this feed? 

            The Twitter feed on serves to provide Rogers Park with news alerts from official sources(for the most part, as it should be). Certain individuals have taken it upon themselves to retweet national news.  The retweeting of national news however does not make one a public figure or journalist. The line becomes blurred between public and private on Twitter, which is also a place used to hold conversations. Even if the person is a journalist people don't check to update themselves on people's private lives. If you click on the picture you will see what Chevanston is talking about.

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