Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ward Eight's New Sign

               Net neighbors have been complaining that Ward Eight (the new wine bar in Evanston on Howard) is hard to spot. A new sign has been added to increase visibility. Ward Eight has been nominated by Time Out as a contestant in their best bar contest. Stop by and scan the doohickey on the door with your phone to vote for them. Check out their Facebook page here, (there is an art opening coming up Feb 28th).

Question.  Anyone know the significance of the Lion?

If you want to vote for Ward Eight as best new bar then vote here.

Please continue reading for more pictures.


Isadora MoonlightLonetree said...

Has anyone been here yet? Do they have vegan option on their menu or any gluten free beers? Love the sign. It's totes cute!

Priscilla Stratton said...

The gluten-free, veggie options are delish. The potato vodka, tequila and rum is all gluten free. I only drink chilled vodka.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Pris you have definitely lived past your expiration date. Those Nexus 6 models back in the eighties were only supposed to last 4-5 years tops.

Priscilla Stratton said...

Valentine's Day inceptions are virtually unlimited. "Retirement" is no longer the problem it once used to be now that the per unit cost of replication is very affordable. Ultra-high-speed adaptable engram coding has completely changed the experience.