Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Pictures From Newly Renovated Farcroft.

12th floor view looking south.
             No way to fit all the pictures into one or two posts. The tour took about 45 minutes. Chevanston simply relied on memory, (no tape recorder or pen and paper so some things were forgotten). During the tour some of the floors were still being sanded and some tile work being done as well. The only part that this writer didn't check out was the bathroom.

For more inside pictures please continue reading.

                   Pretty much saw the layout of each type of unit the Farcroft and all are amazing. Its a very peaceful feeling up there. Simply staring out the window could become someone's new hobby living there. Having a party with that as a backdrop would be flat out amazing.

Downtown view, bit hazy today but you can still make out the Sears Tower.

This is the northwest view. That tall building there is the 415 w Howard building. Little blue bus at bottom left.

The kitchen.

sprinkler on apt ceiling
Return vent for force air heating.


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