Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photo Of The Month From Defunct Everyblock.

Photo Credit - Unknown Net Neighbor

               Can someone tell us more about this photo? It won the vaunted Chevanston photo of the month award probably back in November 2012. (No leaves on the tree). The caption on Chevanston read POW! Was this on Estes? This is an example where an establishing shot would've been helpful. Definitely strange when a car crashes into a building, which happened just recently with the truck crashing into the Glenwood Bar. 

                  This also brings up the value of having an Uptown Update or of reader submitted photos to a site like Broken Heart. Because right now the original place where this was posted no longer exists. An entire epoch was wiped out in a decision made high up in the NBC corporate board room. Of course on a whim anyone could shut down their site. But independent blogs if successful usually don't shut down and many of them if inactive still sit there so that we can look through their contents like Estes Dude, the last post there is from 2011 but its still up on the 'net.

Close up of photo after the jumpbreak.

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