Saturday, February 9, 2013

Has Anyone Heard From Larry Lately?

What is Larry up to now? 

                   Larry was trying to rent out this Metra track space back in the eighties before the gluttony of area codes we have today. Larry Blankowitz was a hot shot ad executive, but in the early days he had been put in charge of renting this ad space.

Larry if you are reading then please continue after the jumpbreak.

             This was an original 312 area code number. For some reason the location didn't generate any interest. Metra being what it is, a state run company they just forgot about it. Larry thought it was funny that the number stayed up so long and it was a great way for old friends to stay in touch.  Haven't heard from him in awhile and his number has since changed. Last this writer had heard Larry had struck it rich in the dot-com boom and had become an expat in the obscure principality of Andorra. (Andorra is located in between France and Spain. It was ruled over by both countries for hundreds of years. This area is much like San Marino within Italy, an isolated hard to get to mountainous area that just couldn't be conquered by outsiders. Like the smaller countries in Europe it is a tax haven, it is not part of the EU but the euro is the unit of currency)

            In the intervening time two new murals now grace the Pratt Metra underpass. Larry would be really surprised to see how it looks today and that his name and old number are still up there. You guys remember Larry right? Well if you run into him please let him know that this writer needs to get in touch, its really important. Thanks.

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