Monday, February 18, 2013

1415 West Morse For Sale. Howlett Governor Vote Democrat

             The fact that this building was for sale was posted onto the all encompassing Everyblock before its demise in early February. Here is trulia's listing.   It's listed for 1.5 million and is a mixed used three story building. Seventeen units, three stores, three one bedrooms, two small and nine large studios. The odd thing regarding this building is that the showers directly look out onto the busy street. This situation should be rectified. You can see where the showers are, the two glass brick windows on the upper left.

             There is a badly faded campaign advertisement on the side of the building from the 1976 gubernatorial election. Michael Howlett was elected Secretary of State in 1972 for Illinois. In the 1976 election he lost to Jim Thompson of the Republican Party. The largest margin for defeat recorded for a Democrat in Illinois running for governor. Ishmael Flory from the Communist Part only received 10,000 votes but more votes than F. Joseph McCaffrey of the Libertarian party. This information was obtained by reading Wikipedia. 

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Howlett, Governor, Vote Democrat

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