Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tightshots should be accompanied by an establishing shot.

                What purpose do tight shots serve? One is to create curiosity as to where the picture was taken and another purpose is to focus on something that someone hasn't noticed. However if an establishing shot doesn't accompany the tight shot then sometimes we can't figure out where the heck its located and that's frustrating. (Like in many commercials the only context clue as to where something was filmed is the red curbs of California or a palm tree. A recent example was Bridesmaids where Ventura's soybean fields stand in for Wisconsin and we are somehow expected to believe that Rodeo Drive exists in the Midwest. This completely ruined the movie. Yes this tiny script is like David Foster Wallace's style but this makes more sense in a blog than a giant footnote). Posting pics to a blog allows one however to post a tight shot and then the establishing shot or vice versa giving us context as to location.

          What does this look  like to you? It looks like clouds hovering over a desert sucking water up through straws. To see where this strange picture is located keep reading and if you still can't figure out where it is just ask.

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