Tuesday, February 5, 2013

6747-67 N Sheridan Changes Hands For 4 Million.

View looking west toward Sheridan. (1147-49 w Pratt portion)
of the northern building

            This building is located on the southeast corner of Sherdian and Pratt. The other building is located adjacent to this one and to the south.

As reported in REjournals.com

"The property located at 6747-67 N. Sheridan consists of two adjacent apartment buildings with a total of 41 units. It sold for $4 million to an investment group, which will likely maintain the property as rental units. The seller for the Sheridan property was a land trust. The unit mix includes: 16 studios; six two-bedroom, one-bath units; three two-bedroom, 1½ bath units; nine three-bedroom, 1½ bath units; and four garden apartments. The property includes three leased commercial spaces and 28 garage parking spaces."

              Correction - The three commercial spaces are being used. (Armadillo Pillow, Flatts and Sharpe and the karate place), Will update with the other buildings pictures tomorrow.

 ( More pics after the jump break.) 

Armadillo Pillow building to the south is included in the sale.

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