Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reblogging & Preserving Our Heritage.

From best blog post from short lived blog
Fuck Yeah Rogers Park
                 Only in Rogers Park would someone be looking for a dove named Siddhartha or Sid. This looks like something out of Portlandia. There was actually a funny little bit on Portlandia of someone posting a music festival notice and then someone putting a lost kitty notice on top and then it escalated until the music festival guy chained the kitty guy to the pole and then a silly kitty puppet was barely able to repost their flyer.

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           This picture is from a blog that is one that you knew was destined to bite the dust almost immediately. Fuck Yeah Rogers Park. This was written for a slow news day. This blog that has been "reblogged" eventually will not exist or perhaps be buried far far below in the internet search results. This is just historical preservation then. Another problem with this website is that most work computers will not allow people access because the title has the F word in it.

             Tumblr has a button to reblog. Fuck Yeah Rogers Park was started on Sept 15th 2012 and ended October 23rd 2012. There are a total of five posts. The first post starts off with using a stock photo of Rogers Park and a short introduction, There are pictures and reviews of Charmers, Growling Rabbit, and Mayne Stage. This is the only post of any note from this blog.

Reblogging made easy!

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