Friday, February 22, 2013

Keeping The Line #Clear

#Please keep that to yourself
          Chevanston took down the Twitter Feed link for now because Gerald Farinas continues to broadcast his personal information there. This is really too bad that Gerald insists on doing this because the Twitter Feed at is a great place to get information. It is selfish and inappropriate. Its similar to someone getting on the CB radio that truckers use to talk with each other and jamming up the lines with nonsense. Keeping the line clear is important so that the community can get news updates and stay alert for breaking news. Having a major news site carry your tweets is an honor and should be respected and not abused as it continues to be in this special case.

Rather than discuss the specific infraction here please continue reading.

        We are very sorry to hear that Gerald Farinas can't make it to his uncle's funeral. Recently he had a family member in the hospital. Apparently Twitter is the place to discuss funerals, which family member is in the hospital, what is on television and what you are eating. These are all topics that of the same importance as pronouncements from the alderman, local businesses, the weather report. We have Gerald Farinas to cover Gerald Farinas. Twitter Feed @ 4:30pm 2/22/13


Stanley Katakowski said...

Just take 'er down and walk away. Eventually some gosh darn idiot over there will realize the feed ain't his personal diary and get 'er taken care of but obviously they don't give a good god darn right now. best to leave a sick horse sick til the vet shows up. Plenty 'a good newssources out there will tide us for now. hell, dNA's only been around for a few months anyhow.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

I will still check the Twitter feed for news, but just cant officially recommend it right now.

No sense in continuing to discuss it, point has been made. I like by and large what Gerald Farinas is doing, and he should use Twitter to promote businesses via four square etcetera.

Gerald Farinas is a so called trend setter or by todays wording cool hunter? or taste maker, atleast potentially. And this behavior is not a great media strategy.

Stanley Katakowski said...

Agreed. sometimes verbal diarrhea starts to look like mental god danged instability.