Friday, February 8, 2013

The Day After. What Next?

          A subset of net neighbors and Rogers Parkers are in a state of psychic shock this morning. Their tether to the community irrevocably broken with no warning whatsoever. This reminds this writer when the Broken Heart closed its doors back in 2011. Thankfully Craig opened his site back up.

              Its a grey slushy blah Chicago day outside which matches the mood perfectly. Of course there are many people oblivious to this fact, like the baristas at Charmer's. They are in their twenties and when this topic was brought up they just had puzzled looks on their faces like what is this old timer talking about?

Lakewood looking south towards Pratt. (LANA) 2-8-13
First full day with no Everyblock

             This writer searched his computer to see what traces from this internet behemoth still exist. Now we can look back to Chevanston (and Broken Heart) years from now and will be able to talk to our grandsons and granddaughters about "Everyblock". First of all we will have to explain to them that people had to actually type words into a computer to talk to each other. "Gramps that's crazy. You guys weren't hardwired into the 'net back then?" The question now is what site will all of these people flock to?


Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Its more interesting that the collective rug was pulled from under us, because it will be random to see what survived the "great purge".

A lot of good came from Everyblock.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Taking pictures is fun because sometimes you notice things in the picture that you wouldnt otherwise notice. This was taken in the morning.

How do we know? The lights have just turned off right by the photograph and the ones further south havent turned off yet.

Or the power is out from the electrical substation work.