Monday, September 14, 2015

Keep Out! (Of This Death Trap)

Walking down this blind alley off grid (and Google Maps) you come upon a piddle soaked entry way. You are tempted to investigate the debris filled horror of a back patio but a large KEEP OUT stops you in your tracks. 

Decades of deferred maintenance of the old Eagle Cleaning and Dyeing Co. (and the building next door) has resulted in a courtyard of terror. Hidden from prying eyes an iron gate and a stern warning protects the most foolhardy from tetanus. 

Move along now. Its bizarre, strange, weird other worldly oddness has a grip on you but you must shake it off. Slap yourself if you must; keep walking. There is another exit to the northwest. Turn left  and head south to Greenleaf and back east to Clark. You're hungry and need something to eat. Find a seat at the old A & T and await further instructions.

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