Monday, May 25, 2015

Coffee Speedshop

Towbar is slowly morphing into the Coffee Speedshop. Benjamin Woodard (who incidentally is pulling up stakes for an associate position with the Seattle Times) broke the news late April, The trim has changed from brown to red, new coffee is being served, and a Honda motorcycle now adorns the front window. Shockingly they opened bright and early today at 8 am and they cooked up some bbq. New monicker still TBA.

Lost walkers, drivers, pilots, seamen, dog companions, commuters, casual pedestrians all need a place to order an eye opener or a nightcap. If you find yourself stranded, shipwrecked, marooned, run aground, or exiled to Rogers Park... Make the best of it and stop on by for some libations. Maybe you will find your bearings and figure out how to make it back home.

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