Saturday, May 9, 2015

Seeing Double On Howard Street

Benjamin Keddy worked most of the day putting the finishing touches on his ersatz coffee shop. Lugging a ladder around for the outside work and adjusting your reality with his clicker.

He mentioned that the piece took a lot more time and money than he thought it would. But what doesn't? How does it work? Layering graphics, 3d modeling, tons of scans, computer programming, stuff like that.

Applications for this technological masterwork? Movie sets, mock ups for future businesses, landlords enticing new commercial tenants, stores for fake people, ultimately, the Matrix.

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If you've never been to one of Sol Cafe's art receptions you are missing out. Free wine, beer (like dark Shiner Bock for instance) cheese, sausage, crackers. A great place to exchange ideas and get to know your neighbors.

It still has bugs; the image has a tendency to wander. The clone does move as you walk by and move closer. Now all that's left is to get the taste, aroma, and texture of coffee digitized.

Looking from one screen to the next is how most of us spend our lives. This double life we lead inspired Mr Keddy to create this sham Java spot. Maybe one day it will be a great place for our computer generated counterparts to take a break and catch up while we sleep.

According to the advert the virtual carbon copy will be up and running nightly until May 29th. So heads up; if you head to Howard Street later in the day be careful. You might find reality shifting befor your very eyes. Unless you're in the mood for make-believe coffee.

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