Sunday, May 31, 2015

You Actually Are Beautiful

It wasn't always the case. There was that one time. It was quite an unusual event. Someone finally made it out of the matrix. With his new found freedom and knowledge he decided spill the beans. A foolish gamble that almost cost him his life. The ugly truth was revealed last August.

When Agent Smith caught wind of the misdeed he blew his stack. His minions went into a frenzy putting the viaduct back to its original state. Before anyone could start asking questions.

Today lights wink in and out of existense in this pigeonless underpass. Plastic spikes ensure that valuable guano doesn't collect on our city sidewalks.

The beauty movement is catching on in Edgewater too.

Last edited 5/31/15 6:11 pm - viaduct height is 11 foot 8 inches - over an inch shorter than the average semi truck and trailer -

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